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Hunned Percent Honey

Hunned Percent Honey


It was only right that we offered you some honey, honey! 100% F R E S H, raw, unfiltered honey. Our honey comes straight from the honeycomb found on a farm in the upper New York area. Limited editions of our honey will be imported directly from Jamaica in the near future! “Great for people with allergies, topical wounds, acne, respiratory ailments. There’s so many health benefits to pure raw honey. It’s considered the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water!” When we say raw, we mean raw. All antioxidants, vitamins, and active enzymes are still in our honey. The biggest flex? It does not expire. Just a heads up: It will not taste like the honey you buy from your typical store–it is not high in fructose like artificial honey. “Most likely, it will crystallize and may develop cloudiness–a sign that it’s not been over heated and that indeed it is from the hive to you!” If your honey crystallizes, place it in hot water and allow it to sit and slowly liquefy. REFRAIN FROM MICROWAVING IF THIS IS THE CASE.

It will most likely have have specks of the hive in it–we emphasize that our honey is not filtered.


IF YOU PURCHASE 4 JARS OF HONEY, AND RETURN ALL 4 JARS (EMPTY), THE 5TH ONE IS ON US! (The free jar can be sent in an order by itself or with other items, shipping will still be charged).

If you would like to participate, email us: with Subject: RECYCLING PROGRAM.

Leave your name and number in the body of the email, and we’ll be in touch with further details! If you qualify, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label with the full mailing address to send the jars to!

Feel free to participate in the recycling program in person during pick up orders or drop off orders!

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