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Lavender flowers are known for their relaxant properties. This beautiful, refreshing herb comes in three grades, and the one that we package is the super grade. Although all grades of the lavender each share a very fragrant aroma, they’re each  slightly different in terms of color and taste. Our super grade lavender flowers tend of have a more citrus-like taste, and a stronger floral flavor. “The color is rich and vibrant and contains the least amount of stems and leaves. With the abundance of flowers and buds, Super grade lavender is perfect for loose teas (especially if you intend to make a tea with only lavender, not as a blend).”

If you'd like to mix and match this herb with others, be sure to add the ones you'd like in the description box/custom text field. You get to mix and match with only two other herbs.

  • Product Info

    Available in bags of 5, 10, 15, or 20.

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